My name is Anne Sheetz. I am the Vice President of Operations for Arisa Health. I first started my journey with Arisa in the NW region with Ozark Guidance in March of 2002. I was hired on as an MHPP (currently referred to as a QBHP) for the Therapeutic Day Treatment Program providing behavioral support services in the Junior High Classroom. In 2006, I was introduced to a new position as the TDT Milieu Coordinator where I was responsible for overseeing TDT transportation and providing crisis intervention training (TACT) to new hires and bi-annual recertification to current staff across all programs. I continued to remain in this position for some time expanding my role and responsibilities across the four TDTs in Washington, Benton (2) and Carrol Counties. In 2012, I was offered the position of the Springdale TDT Program Coordinator. While in this position, I was able to gain a better understanding of the daily operations of a program, budget and financial performance goals, development of policies and procedures while providing leadership for the provision of high quality, cost sensitivity, and clinically effective services.

My experience as a Program Coordinator was contributory in my decision to go back to school and pursue my MBA in 2013. During that time, I was promoted to the Director of TDT, overseeing all four Ozark Guidance TDTs. This was a challenge but one that I feel helped me to increase my ability to multi-task, prioritize and work under many different demands. In 2017, I shifted gears, and joined the Operations team as the Associate Director of Operations. In March of 2020, we announced Arisa Health and its affiliation, and I became the Arisa Health Director of Operations. I was truly fortunate to be one of the frontrunners in the march to standardize and build a strong and collaborative foundation for our newly branded organization. In September 2022, I was promoted to my current role helping to lead the Arisa IT and Operations team as we develop ways to improve efficiencies and grow as an organization. I have been very blessed to have been given so many opportunities to gain experience and expand my knowledge while being part of an organization that I feel aligns with my own values and working alongside such a talented group of individuals.

My name is Gary. I discovered Arisa Health in 2006 shortly after finishing a college degree in Criminal Justice. I accepted an entry-level position as a Mental Health Technician in a transitional living facility as I waited for opportunity to come knocking in the field of law enforcement. And while opportunity came, it was in the field of mental health. . . not in law enforcement. The leadership within the organization took notice of my desire to help and inspired me to consider an education in mental health. Through continued support and encouragement from varying levels of the organization, in 2011 I received a master’s degree in social work and accepted my first professional position as a therapist in our Walnut Ridge Outpatient Clinic. Since then, I have been given the opportunity to serve on the Mobile Crisis Team, work as program coordinator for an outpatient and therapeutic community program, and eventually accept a position as the Senior Director of Adult services within the agency. None of which is possible without the investment of training, time, and financial support that was made possible through Arisa Health. I believe in the mission and value system of Community Mental Health and have been blessed with the responsibility of being a part of its future with Arisa Health.

I was hired in May 1994 as a Children’s Case Manager. I worked with youth ages 3-18 for about 11 years. I loved working with the families never realizing the impact they would always have on my life. Next I was presented with a new opportunity to work with authorizations for services for Medicaid. In this role, I had the ability to learn multiple functions within the clinic so I was at the front desk at times, completing admissions paperwork, taking vital signs, assisting medical records, running CASSP teams, and constantly learning. Next, I was certified to train staff in CPI, TEACH/TACT, CPR and First aid. For someone who was afraid of public speaking this was a huge comfort zone hurdle. It became easier because I was working with such amazing staff. Then, more duties centered around Health and Safety and Transportation. I have been learning something new every day. Recently, I was awarded the chance to serve Arisa Health as the Facilities and Safety Manager. I am so humbled and honored to work with such amazing people every day all under the Arisa Health umbrella.